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Do you Know What a Pharmacist Does for You?

Do you Know What a Pharmacist Does for You?

We have all come across pharmacists some time or the other in our lives. We purchase medicines from them and that’s about the interaction we normally have with one. Most of us are unaware of what the exact role of a pharmacist is and how he plays a vital role in keeping the community healthy!

First of all, a pharmacist is a qualified individual with a degree in pharmacy. He is knowledgeable about the constituents of medicines and how they should be administered and more.

Patients visit doctors who prescribe medicines for their ailment. Patients visit pharmacists with the prescription who provide them with the medicines. Pharmacists also advise the patients regarding the dosage and how the medication is to be taken. They also clear any doubts that patients may have regarding their condition, medication, or any other issue related to disease and medicines that patients may have. The task of a pharmacist is not easy. He has to procure medicines, stock them, and provide them to patients as and when they want them.

All these tasks are not as simple as we imagine them to be. This is because a pharmacist has to ensure that he is always well-stocked and has all the medicines. For this, he needs to keep track of how his inventory is moving every day. He will need to place orders for the medicines well in time so that there is no shortage.

Stocking medicines also requires expertise. Pharmacists have a specific way of coding and stocking medicines so that they are easily accessible when they need to be dispensed. Patients do not like to wait at a pharmacist’s counter and are in a hurry to purchase the medicines. Pharmacists need to ensure that they do not make patients wait unnecessarily and provide them with the required medicines. Sometimes pharmacists are required to provide medicines for patients in an emergency and they have to be quick and ensure that they get the required medicines immediately.

While stocking medicines in the pharmacy, a pharmacist also needs to ensure that the medicines have not expired. They will need to keep track of the expiry dates of each medicine they hold and dispose of the expired ones so that they do not get mixed up.

Pharmacists dispense the medicines in quick time after carefully scrutinizing the prescription. Besides they need to prepare bills for the medicines purchased. They do all this in a matter of minutes! This is also done by explaining how the medicines are to be taken to the patients. They also inform the patients about the side effects, effects of an overdose, etc.

Most pharmacies are open 24/7 to cater to the needs of patients.

So, we see that the work of a pharmacist is quite tedious. They work hard and cater to our medical needs round-the-clock and help us maintain good health!

However, most of us do not acknowledge the hard work of pharmacists and forget to express our gratitude to them!

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