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Have you Thanked your Doctor?

Have you Thanked your Doctor?

Have you visited a doctor in your life?

Of course, you have!

We all have!

When we fall sick or have any kind of discomfort, we visit a doctor. The doctor examines us and recommends the treatment, suggests tests, or prescribes medication. Sometimes all three! Doctors are experts in their field and can diagnose our condition and suggest the right course of action.

So, we visit a doctor, take treatment, and get better. Then, we move on in our lives! We rarely stop and thank the doctor for his timely advice. Also, we seldom think about what the doctor may be going through himself. This is true not only of doctors but also other professionals like medics, pharmacists, nurses, etc. in the healthcare industry.

Often we are so focused on our condition that we forget that the doctor is also a human with feelings and emotions and a personal life. We only meet professional who listens to our problems and addresses them.

What we need to understand about healthcare professionals is that they are in a profession that is very demanding. Very often they need to put aside their personal problems and personal life for the sake of their patients. This is especially true in emergency cases where the doctor is summoned from wherever he is to treat the patient.

Healthcare professionals are taught to put their needs lowest in their set of priorities. Sometimes this can take a toll on them. For instance, they may suffer health issues, which they might be neglecting so that they can focus on their patients. This can aggravate their problem. It may also happen that a family member might need them and they may have to be present in the hospital. Often doctors have to attend to patients suffering from contagious diseases. This may prove risky for the doctors themselves.

Other healthcare professionals like pathologists, nurses, medics, etc. also face risk while performing their duty.

Many healthcare professionals provide services 24/7 getting hardly any rest.

All in all, we need to understand that the medical profession is a demanding one and doctors sacrifice a lot to ensure that we remain healthy. During the current pandemic also, we have seen how doctors took the onus for attending to patients and trying their best to keep them safe. Doctors have also attended to COVID patients putting their lives at risk. Many doctors have got infected in the process and some have even lost their lives.

So, we see how noble the profession is and how much healthcare professionals do for us. We need to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for the great work they are doing.

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