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Healthcare Professionals-The Real Life Heroes!

Healthcare Professionals-The Real Life Heroes!

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenging times into all of our lives – increased worry, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, hopelessness, and what not! But the hardest hit was taken by the healthcare professionals who risked their lives to save others. They have not only had to soothe their own anxieties but soothe ours too. They anyway take an oath to save lives but the pandemic has pushed them to do way beyond their duties to keep people safe. Innumerable healthcare providers have lost their lives while saving their patients and have gone out of their ways to provide any resource and reassurance that was required by them.

The pandemic has really brought into perspective how much we take the healthcare system for granted and specifically, healthcare professionals. And it is time to realize their bravery and efforts and give back to them or show solidarity with them in any manner possible. Even with scarcity of resources, ICU beds, and oxygen cylinders, healthcare professionals pulled through beautifully well. By healthcare professionals, one does not just mean doctors, but nurses, receptionists, medical researchers, and other such staff that aid in the healthcare system.

Loss of lives always weigh very heavily on healthcare providers. We have seen it time and again – healthcare providers prioritizing their patients more than their own lives. Even when faced with hopeless situations, they make it a point to better themselves and work towards a solution.

Even when the healthcare system was failing to provide resources to doctors and other medical professionals, they took it upon themselves to do online or telephonic consultations to reduce the risk of patients having to travel to hospitals and clinics. Doctors have always put the needs of their patients before any of their own and when they have failed, they have compensated for it ten-fold through their hard work and persistence.

They come across life-threatening situations on a regular basis and they handle it with such calm and composure. They regulate themselves as per the requirements of the patients – if a certain patient is scared or anxious, they also calm their nerves, reassure them and stick by them through their journey to good health.

It is true that seeing patients recovered, fit and healthy is the biggest reward for medical professionals – that is the best feedback they ever get of their hard work. Naturally, patients form bonds with their doctors and other healthcare professionals that help them through their time of ill-health and the trust is unbreakable.

Medical professionals spend nights after nights on duty, forget about their coffee or tea break when an emergency situation arises, and stand hours in the operating room to give their patients a better life and to take away their pain. These real-life heroes deserve our acknowledgment for their hard work and our support as well. We must do the most we can to show them their importance in our world.

To recognize the efforts and diligence of healthcare professionals, the organization called Mend Threads has made shirts and T-shirts honoring these heroes.

MEND stands for Medical Experts of Numerous Disciplines. The organization provides people with shirts and t-shirts with artwork relating to the medical sphere. One can buy these clothes to show solidarity with the healthcare professionals and support them.