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Heart Specialist Helps in Dealing with Cardiac Diseases

Heart Specialist Helps in Dealing with Cardiac Diseases

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, with cardiovascular diseases accounting for several of the top ten causes of death. However, heart disease isn’t the only danger to your heart. There are several different forms of cardiovascular disorders, each with its unique set of risk factors.

The phrase “cardiac disease” describes illnesses that affect the heart and circulatory system. Heart attacks, strokes, aortic aneurysms (and other aortic problems), peripheral artery illnesses, and other rare ailments are among them.

Although excessive cholesterol and hypertension are commonly associated with cardiovascular illness, some heart disorders have a strong hereditary component. Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity are all major causes of cardiovascular disease.

Understanding your risk factors is the greatest approach to protecting against potential heart disease. There is a lot of misunderstanding about hereditary heart illnesses since doctors can never entirely anticipate who would get one. Here are some frequent misconceptions concerning hereditary cardiac disorders that need to be dispelled:

1] Genetics are more important Than Lifestyle 

Many forms of heart disease are handed down down the generations, but lifestyle choices can also play a role.

One of the therapy options for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – a disorder that causes the heart muscle to thicken and stiffen – is to make lifestyle changes including keeping a healthy body weight and eating a heart-friendly diet.

2] Symptoms are present in all inherited cardiac diseases.

Many hereditary heart diseases cause symptoms, although not everyone experiences them.

Symptoms vary depending on the illness and the individual, but they may include:

  • Breathlessness, especially when exercising
  • Heart palpitations and chest discomfort, especially when exercising
  • a feeling of dizziness or fainting

Even with the same ailment in the same family, symptoms might be minor for one individual and more prominent for another. Your medical staff can assist you in recognizing the signs and symptoms to look out for.

3] I’m not at risk of inherited cardiac disease

Although someone in their family likely has the same problem, it might be difficult to track down. This can happen if someone in your family has the disease:

Before a diagnosis could be made, they died.

  • Were not diagnosed with a genetic disorder
  • They didn’t talk about their situation or keep in touch with family members.

Even if you don’t know anybody in your family who has an inherited disease, you might be at risk. That’s why proper testing and an in-depth examination of your family history are critical.

Heart specialists are doctors who can take care of you and help you manage any heart ailment you may be suffering from. It is time we acknowledged the efforts of heart specialists who help us keep our hearts healthy!

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