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How a Psychologist helps us Cope with Physical and Mental Conditions?

How a Psychologist helps us Cope with Physical and Mental Conditions?

The medical field has advanced with new research, medicines, and concepts in treating patients. One of the emerging concepts in this field is that of biopsychosocial health which focuses on the holistic health of the patient. According to this theory, the health of a patient depends on biological factors, behavioral factors, and social conditions. Psychology is a health discipline that focuses on behavioral factors and helps comprehend the concept of health and illness. Psychologists are experts in this field. They assess, diagnose, and treat psychological issues and behavioral dysfunctions that result from mental and physical health conditions.

A psychologist is essentially a behavioral health provider who focuses on understanding the impact of behavioral, social, and biological factors on the mental and physical health of a patient. They have an understanding of how basic behavioral and cognitive processes cause body dysfunctions.

Given that behavioral and cognitive factors directly impact our health, the role of a psychologist becomes vital in managing one’s health and wellness. Psychologists not only help their patients deal with stress or emotional trauma but can also be instrumental in helping prevent several health conditions.

What is the Role of a Psychologist?

A psychologist helps patients learn to cope with life issues and mental health conditions. They use various research-based techniques to provide the best treatment to their patients. They consider factors such as unique traits of the individual, characteristics, goals, and circumstances to treat a patient.

Psychologists treat patients who feel depressed, anxious, and angry for a long duration. They also help people cope with temporary issues impacting their lives like moving to a new place, working in a new environment, dealing with the death of a family member, etc.

They also treat people who suffer from addictions, chronic illness, or cope with stressful situations.

They diagnose the condition of their patient and understand how the individual feels, thinks, and behaves by conducting tests and assessments on the patient.

A psychologist determines the following aspects of the patient before providing treatment:

  • Intellectual Ability
  • Cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Personality Characteristics
  • Neuropsychological Functioning, and more.

These aspects enable psychologists to customize the treatment for their patients. They usually use psychotherapy or counseling to treat their patients.

Many a time a patient may require a combination of medication and counseling for treatment. In such cases, the psychologist works together with a primary care physician, psychiatrist, etc.

A psychologist is a qualified and trained professional who is licensed to practice in a specific state.

When we talk about modern health and medicine, we realize how a psychologist helps us heal from various mental and physical health conditions. They can help diagnose underlying health conditions that we may not be aware of. They can help prevent several physical conditions by treating our minds.

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