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How Neurologists Keep our Nervous System Working Seamlessly?

How Neurologists Keep our Nervous System Working Seamlessly?

You have heard of neurologists. They are doctors who specialize in working and taking care of our nervous system. Our entire body is made up of a massive network of nerves. And these nerves connect the heart, the brain, the spinal cord to every part of our body. Without its presence, a human becomes immobile and cannot live. And to ensure that our nervous system functions optimally and we live healthily, neurologists work throughout every day of the year.

And, in order to diagnose any dysfunction in your nervous system, neurologists often ask you to take some tests. Let us know the standard possible tests they would ask you to do to understand your diagnosis. They are as follows.

Blood tests and Urine tests

These two tests are the most common ones. Your doctor would ask you to take this test to see whether there is the presence of any toxins, infections, or protein disorders in your body. And based on the results, they would advise you and conduct the necessary treatments for your diagnosis.

Evoked potentials

This is a series of tests. It is taken to observe how well your brain is responding. More precisely, your senses of vision, hearing and some other nerves are put to the test to see whether they are functioning normally or not. This test is similar to that of EEG.

Imaging test

The imaging test is taken for your spine and your brain. The tests help diagnose the presence of tumors, problems related to your bones, blood vessels, discs, nerves, and brain damage. So, effective measures of treatment can be further implemented.


EEG expands to form electroencephalography. This test is recommended to be taken when a person is undergoing seizures. Through this test, the electrical activities in the person’s brain can be observed.

Biopsy of your nerve or muscle

In this test, a small patch of your tissue is taken and studied under a microscope. In order to diagnose whether you are suffering from any neuromuscular disorder or not, this test is asked to be conducted by your neurologist.

Lumbar puncture

This test involves collecting a small quantity of fluid from your spine and testing it to diagnose any presence of infection or blood. Therefore, essential treatment measures can be implemented on you then. The test is also called a spinal tap.


EMG expands to form electromyograms. This test observes the communication between your nerves and muscles. The test involves the use of putting electrodes in your skin or putting a needle into your muscle.

Final words

The neurologists have been working determinedly to keep us safe and healthy. And to express our gratitude towards their dedication and selfless services, Mend Threads has come up with a specialty t-shirt meant especially for neurologists. We mend these clothes to unite and deliver the message to everyone that there exists no discrimination when it comes to health and medical facilities. Thus, our small effort is to convey our regards to these amazing doctors who give in their best for our goodwill.