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How you can Express Gratitude to Healthcare Providers?

How you can Express Gratitude to Healthcare Providers?

Healthcare providers are an integral part of our lives. We need them from the time we are born as we grow and age. Healthcare providers are doctors, nurses, pathologists, and all hospital staff.

Most of us are caught in our worldly chores following our dreams or pursuing our goals. While we proceed in our journey of life, we may fall ill or get injured. It is the healthcare providers who take care of us at this stage and put us back on track again so that we resume our journey.

 As we move ahead in life at breakneck speed, rarely do we pause to acknowledge those in the field of healthcare for having ensured that we are healthy and ready to take on the challenges of life.

The life of a healthcare provider is not easy. It is a life of sacrifice and giving! Healthcare providers are often required to put their needs in the background to take care of patients. When they attend to the pain of a patient, they do not have the time to focus on their own troubles. Just like us healthcare providers also face problems in their lives. It could be health issues they or their loved ones are facing; or monetary issues; lack of time for children; other problems. But, their lives are such that they have to brush these aside and give their complete attention to the patient in front of them.

This is what makes their profession truly noble and unselfish. They even risk exposure to contagious diseases and infections in their profession.

One might argue that they have taken an oath for this when they signed up for this profession. But if we just think about how we get overwhelmed with our day-to-day responsibilities. And then there are healthcare providers who are coping with their personal responsibilities along with giving their best to patients.

There are specialist doctors who have to treat patients dealing with specific illnesses or diseases. They have a different set of challenges to cope with.

Working beyond scheduled hours is quite common for healthcare providers. This takes a toll on their health and faculties as well.

The year 2020 has brought healthcare providers to the forefront. We have seen how healthcare providers have taken care of and managed the health of patients across the globe during the pandemic.

We can conclude that we owe a lot to healthcare providers who work silently in the background ensuring our health and well-being throughout our lives.

Don’t you feel obliged to healthcare providers?

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