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Let’s Celebrate our Doctors Together with MEND Threads

Let’s Celebrate our Doctors Together with MEND Threads

We have all consulted doctors at some stage or the other in our lives. We may visit them in the Outpatient department of a hospital or a clinic for treatment, Some doctors attend to us when we are admitted to the hospital as in-patients.

What is the Role of a Doctor?

Doctors are a part and parcel of our lives even before we are born! When a baby is in the womb, the mother consults a gynecologist throughout her pregnancy to ensure that the baby is fine and growing well! The gynecologist helps the mother during delivery and brings the baby into this world.

Once babies are born, they are put under the care of pediatricians who monitor the vital parameters and take care of the baby’s health.

As the baby grows into an adult, he requires vaccinations and other kinds of medicines. It is the pediatrician who maintains the health of the baby during the growth years. During the growth years, babies fall ill or may face injuries. The pediatrician either provides the necessary treatment or refers the child to specialists. Children might also require emergency care and the emergency doctor steps in to provide the necessary care to recoup.

After the child becomes an adult, he requires a different kind of doctor. Most adults consult a general physician who is knowledgeable about different fields of medicine. Ge is essentially a generalist who provides consultation and suggests medication and treatment. He may also refer the patient to specialists in case the patient needs one. In many cases, the physician becomes a family doctor and attends to the medical care of all the family members. Physicians are not specialists in any particular branch of medicine but have a good idea of different disciplines. A physician may recommend diagnostic tests to assess the root cause of a symptom a patient might be facing. Based on the test results, he decides the best course of treatment for the patient. Many physicians are aware of the case history of the patient and can recapitulate the medical history with just a cursory glance of the medical file.

As we navigate through our lives we consult different specialist doctors for treatments for specific health conditions. Some of these specialists are cardiologists, ENT specialists, neurologists, nephrologists, gynecologists, and more. Each of these doctors takes care of specific health conditions and provides the best treatment to the patient.

We may also require procurers such as surgeries for certain health issues. The surgeon along with withe anesthesiologist and a team of doctors and nurses performs the procedure to help us get rid of the problem we were facing.

Doctors not only provide treatment for our physical ailments but also counsel us so that we are comforted and in a better condition to deal with the health issues we might face.

Don’t you think doctors deserve a pat on their backs for the great service they are providing? This is the reason that MEND Threads has decided to celebrate the healthcare professionals. MEND Threads offers a wide range of medical shirts and t-shirts dedicated to healthcare professionals.