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Regulating your Sugar Levels-The Diabetologist!

Regulating your Sugar Levels-The Diabetologist!

Diabetes has become a major health issue across the globe. Over the years the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased drastically. This increase in numbers is attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle with a lack of exercise and increased consumption of junk food.

A few years ago diabetes was associated with people in the higher age group. However, now it is quite common to find kids and teenagers also afflicted.

Diabetes is a disease in which the sugar levels in the body increase and lead to health conditions like obesity, heart diseases, and even stroke. Hence, patients who suffer from diabetes are required to consult a specialist doctor or a Diabetologist.

A Diabetologist is a specialist doctor who treats patients suffering from diabetes. He monitors the sugar levels of his patients and suggests methods or medication to regulate these levels. With the rising number of cases of diabetes across the globe, the role of a Diabetologist has become critical.

Diabetologists suggest lifestyle and dietary changes for their patients to manage their sugar levels in the adequate range. Depending on the severity of the condition in the patient, the Diabetologist may advise medicines or insulin injections for patients.

Endocrinologists and Diabetologists can both help diabetic patients. And, there is only a slight difference between the two. An endocrinologist is a specialist who addresses issues with the entire endocrine system and the hormone secretion by different glands. And, diabetes is related directly to the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. Hence, an endocrinologist can also treat patients suffering from diabetes. A Diabetologist may be an endocrinologist who specializes only in the pancreatic gland and its secretion.

Diabetes causes severe health conditions and usually lasts for years. This is why there are doctors who specialize in treating patients with diabetes exclusively. These doctors have years of experience in treating patients with diabetes and are aware of the health issues caused by diabetes and how to address them. Diabetes can also take care of emergency conditions of their patients.

Diabetes also affects the functioning of different organs like kidneys, eyes, etc. Therefore, a Diabetologist works with other specialists to manage the overall health of the patient.

In case you need to consult a Diabetologist, make sure that you select one with experience. This is because this disease can impact other aspects of your health and only an experienced doctor can understand related health issues. It is also recommended that you do not change your diabetologist frequently because this disease warrants prolonged treatment and you need a doctor who understands you and your condition.

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