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Role of a Psychiatrist

Mental health issues have increased exponentially in the past few years. This rise can be attributed to several reasons. Irrespective of the reason for mental problems, they need to be addressed. This is where psychiatrists have a vital role to play.

Mental health issues vary in severity. Depending on the condition of the patient, different types of treatments are suggested by the psychiatrists. In certain cases, the issue may be addressed by psychotherapy where counselors can help patients recover. Other patients may require medication in the form of drugs like anti-depressants and others. Many a time patients require both psychiatric drugs alongside counseling.

The best mode of treatment can only be suggested by the psychiatrist who is an expert in the field. Hence, the role of a psychiatrist has become an important one.

What are the qualities of a psychiatrist?


Patients who see a psychiatrist are ones suffering from mental agony. Hence, they need to be treated with sensitivity and patience. The patient may not be able to clearly communicate what he/she is experiencing. It is only when the psychiatrist is gentle and calm that the patient opens up and discusses his problems. And, this makes it easier for the psychiatrist to diagnose the problem and decide on the course of treatment.


Mental health issues may arise because of reasons that are very personal in nature. A psychiatrist must be trustworthy that he keeps all the information he receives from the patient confidential and does not discuss it with anyone else.


Mental health conditions are many and the root cause of a particular condition may be difficult to identify. This is where the experience of the psychiatrist comes into play. Experienced psychiatrists have seen a variety of patients and are capable of diagnosing the illness taste and more accurately.

Respond to Emergencies

Psychiatric emergencies are when a patient threatens to take either his life or that of someone else. Suicidal tendencies are quite common among patients suffering from depression, etc. Many a time, patients may raise a false alarm about taking their lives, but once in a while the threats may be true. A psychiatrist must not neglect such threats. He should either talk the patient out of such a mindset or suggest ways of avoiding such actions by patients to the caregivers.

These are some basic qualities that you must look for when you are engaging one for yourself or your loved ones.

The life of a psychiatrist is difficult because he deals with complicated issues that different patients face each day. Being a psychiatrist can be extremely stressful too.

We need to appreciate the hard work psychiatrists put in to help patients out of stressful conditions while exposing themselves to different types of stress triggers!

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