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Thanking the Healthcare Professionals with MEND Threads

Thanking the Healthcare Professionals with MEND Threads

What is MEND Threads?

MEND stands for Medical Experts of Numerous Disciplines. So, you may wonder what the word Threads has to do with MEND?

MEND Threads is an organization the came into being to recognize the efforts of those people in the society who care for others. Among the people who care and make a difference in the world are undoubtedly healthcare professionals. This is why MEND Threads celebrates medical experts of various disciplines. They have found an innovative way of expressing gratitude to healthcare professionals by creating t-shirts/shirts with graphics associated with the medical field.

The entire concept of acknowledging and appreciating medical professionals is a great initiative because all of us owe a lot to healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals across the globe work relentlessly to take care of our health and well-being. They treat us when was are ill or injured and help us recover. They provide us vaccinations, perform surgeries, and other procedures to manage our health. Healthcare professionals work for us in different capacities. They are doctors who diagnose and treat our disease, or nurses who support doctors and take care of us, or medics who are always there in emergencies to attend to us, pharmacists who provide us medicines as and when we need them, or support staff who conduct procedures such as ECG, X-rays, blood sample analysis, and more.

Healthcare professionals work long hours so that we are healthy. They play a vital role in our lives from the day we are born, as we grow into adulthood, grow old, and till our death. They take care of our mind and body. As these undergo wear and tear at different stages in life, we turn to healthcare professionals to manage them.

The contributions of healthcare professionals especially stood out during the recent pandemic. We have seen how they have worked round-the-clock and attended to patients risking their lives. It was not just the doctors but the entire healthcare industry that rose to the occasion and did their best to save lives across the globe.

Working long hours wearing a PPE kit was definitely not easy. Besides many roles especially that of the cleaning staff in hospitals had a high risk of contracting the disease. But they worked on fighting the deadly disease.

During the pandemic, it was not just COVID 19 patients that doctors were treating but had to treat other patients suffering from ongoing health conditions. Procedures such as scans, surgeries, etc. had to be performed. This was extra difficult during the pandemic because the healthcare professionals had to keep themselves and their patients safe from catching the virus that spreads so easily through contact.

The healthcare professionals continue to give their best and put our health above their own and attend to us in our time of need.

You can join the endeavor of MEND Threads by purchasing the shirts/t-shirts from their online store. There is a wide collection of shirts/t-shirts with different types of graphics available in different colors and sizes