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What a Dentist does for you?

What a Dentist does for you?

Toothache and tooth problems are quite common. Dental issues can be quite painful and difficult to manage. We need the help of a dentist for oral care.

A dentist conducts an oral examination to assess our oral health and suggest the necessary treatment. He also prescribes medication for immediate relief from conditions such as toothache or sensitivity.

Healthy teeth help in digestion and resolve several health issues besides beautifying your smile. Maintaining the health of your teeth is a must and you can take care of your teeth with proper brushing and regular flossing. However, when you face issues with your teeth, you will need to consult a dentist.

Here are some common dental issues that a dentist treats:

Cavities: Cavities may occur because of poor oral care and improper cleaning besides the eating habits of the individual. The dentist provides filling of the cavities to prevent further tooth decay. Cavity filling also strengthens the tooth and makes it functional.

Tooth Extraction: If a tooth is decayed to a large extent, it may need to be extracted. Tooth extraction is a painful process and needs precision. Dentists are experts in procedures such as tooth extraction.

Root canal treatment: If the tooth is broken or if the cavity is deep, the patient may require root canal treatment. This is where the nerve endings at the gum of the faulty tooth are desensitized. The remaining portion of the tooth is covered by a cap so that it is functional.

Sensitive Teeth: Sometimes a patient may experience sensitivity of the tooth wherein cold and hot food cause tooth pain and discomfort. A dentist treats sensitive teeth by recommending products such as toothpaste for the condition.

Dental Implants & Bridging: In case a tooth has been extracted for any reason, it may need to be replaced. Dental implants and bridging are procedures that help in replacing the tooth. Dentists are experts in replacing lost teeth.

Cosmetic Procedures: Teeth enhance your appearance by beautifying your smile. Dentists offer cosmetic procedures that make your teeth look great. Some of these procedures are orthodontic treatment, smile design, etc.

Dental Surgery: Some dental issues might require surgical procedures. Dentists work with dental surgeons to perform these procedures.

Dental Cleaning: Teeth develop plaque and tartar over time which can impact your oral health. Dentists provide services such as cleaning and polishing teeth so that your teeth look beautiful and healthy.

It is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months to maintain the health of your teeth. When you visit your dentist, he will examine your teeth and gums. He will assess their condition and recommend any dental procedure that may be required. Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent several dental issues. It also helps detect any problem in its initial stage and treat it before it grows too big.

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