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What is MEND Threads About?

What is MEND Threads About?

MEND stands for Medical Experts of Numerous Disciplines. As the name indicates MEND Threads is related to the medical field.

How is MEND Threads Related to the Medical Field?

While MEND stands for medical experts, “threads” stands for the clothes we produce. At MEND Threads, we create shirts and t-shirts with graphics dedicated to the healthcare professionals. We have shirts and t-shirts with graphics dedicated to all disciplines in the medical field. Some examples are graphics related to cardiology, ophthalmology, etc. These shirts and t-shirts are available in a different colors in various sizes.

Why do we Create Clothes Dedicated to Healthcare Professionals?

We have felt that we take services of doctors but rarely express gratitude to them. This is because we are so busy in our fast-paced lives that we hardly have any time to spare. We forget to acknowledge the efforts of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals include doctors, nurses, pathologists, surgeons, pharmacists, medics, and more! Besides these, there are the administrative staff, cleaning staff, technicians, and more. All these together make up the healthcare set-up. All of them work hard to ensure that we remain healthy.

Healthcare is a noble profession in which each individual works with dedication putting his personal needs last. Many a time, medical professionals risk their lives to take care of us.

This sector provides 24/7 support to patients to ensure that they are taken care of. They attend to us in emergency situations and provide all the necessary care so that our condition does not deteriorate.

Doctors diagnose our condition and suggest the right course of action for us. Healthcare professionals take care of us at different stages of our lives. No matter what the disease, there is always a doctor for it. Doctors are supported by other professionals in the field. Nurses take care of us not just when we are hospitalized but also when we visit a doctor. We cannot forget the effort of the cleaning staff who ensure that we get a clean and hygienic environment in the hospital. The cleaning staff is at a risk of infection because they handle things like bandages, cotton, etc. that might be carrying germs.

We have specialist doctors who specialize in a specific field of medicine or disease. These doctors are supported by staff who have the knowledge and experience of the specific field.

When healthcare professionals do so much for us, we at MEND Threads felt that their efforts must be acknowledged and they must be thanked for all that they do for us.

It may not be possible for anyone to thank each and everyone in a healthcare setting who have helped them heal. Hence, we offer shirts and t-shirts that celebrate different professionals in the healthcare industry. All that you need to do is sport a shirt/t-shirt with the artwork related to a specific field. You can purchase multiple shirts/t-shirts also. When you wear a shirt/t-shirt by MEND Threads you express gratitude for healthcare professionals. You can inspire others to sport them too!

Make healthcare professionals feel special with specially dedicated shirts/t-shirts for them!