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What is the Role of an Audiologist?

What is the Role of an Audiologist?

For perfect health, all parts of our bodies must be functioning to their capacity. Even if one part has an issue, we experience discomfort and want to get back to a better condition. One of the parts of our body that we may face problems with that can cause a lot of discomforts is the ear. Whether it is an ear infection or problem of balance, any issue with the ear can make things tough for us. While an ENT specialist addresses several issues with the ear, some problems need specialized treatment provided by an audiologist. An ENT doctor may sometimes refer a patient to an audiologist depending on the nature of the problem.

Who is an Audiologist?

Audiologists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of auditory and vestibular issues.

Audiologists are medical professionals who leverage a blend of technology, social skills, and creative problem solving to provide solutions to issues with hearing or the ear.

Some of the problems they address include:

  • Hearing
  • Balance
  • Tinnitus, and many more

Audiologists assess the auditory health of the patient. If a patient is suffering from auditory problems, the audiologist communicates with the patient using sign language. They not only diagnose hearing issues but also assess the patient for other communication issues. They conduct several tests to find out the root cause of the problem and help the patient manage the issues they may face.

Audiologists use the latest technology and new tools and techniques to identify the issues patients are facing and treat them.

They interpret the results of the tests conducted to determine the line of treatment for the patient. The services of audiologists are not limited to treating adults, they treat newborns and children too. They conduct newborn hearing screening programs to assess the auditory health of babies.

Audiologists treat auditory processing disorders in both children and adults. They recommend hearing aids or cochlear implants for patients with central auditory processing disorders. They also provide audiological rehabilitation services for patients. Rehabilitation entails providing training and treatment to improve hearing and manage communication. Help patients requiring hearing aid by recommending the best hearing aids and by fitting the hearing aids. They perform otoscopic examinations of the eardrum and ear canal to determine if they are functioning properly. They also provide services such as the removal of excess cerumen from ears. Besides these, they also counsel patients about hearing health management and recommend the type of treatment required in case the patient requires it.

They collaborate with institutions to educate people on the implications of hearing loss and its prevention.

Audiologists are important members of the healthcare ecosystem. They provide services that can transform the lives of patients with hearing impairment.

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