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What Pathologists do for us?

What Pathologists do for us?

Pathology is a medical specialty that studies the nature of disease based on the examination of organs, tissues, and bodily fluids. In the pathology, the doctor will take samples for tests and its ability is to identify diseases by analyzing tissues and other body parts.

A pathologist is a person who studies the effects of disease on the human body. This career field takes dedication and training. But, when you look at it from the perspective of helping people, it becomes very rewarding. The main job duties for a pathologist include examining tissue samples, performing autopsies, and interpreting lab tests in order to determine possible causes of disease or infection.

A pathology report is a document written by a pathologist, detailing the test done on an individual’s body. A report can be of two types – Case Report and Autopsy Report. A Case Report is usually carried out after death or when a patient suffers from any disease or disorder which can’t be diagnosed with the help of primary medical tests.

The development of methods to rapidly detect and identify microorganisms has been a major advancement in medicine. In addition, various methods have been developed to separate and concentrate viruses from infected tissues, body fluids, and cells.

Pathologists examine tissue samples to determine if they are cancerous or not. Their work is considered the basis for all other cancer treatments. Pathologists play a key role in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

They examine tissues from surgical or biopsy specimens as well as from patients undergoing diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Pathologists are tasked with diagnosing disease and determining what the best course of treatment is for the patient. A pathologist may also investigate why a patient is experiencing symptoms or how they came to have a particular condition, although this responsibility typically falls upon the physician who sees the patient regularly.

The main job is to diagnose and give a prognosis after examining biopsy, blood, urine, or spinal fluid samples from patients.

Pathologists work in hospital laboratories as well as in private practice. But unlike general physicians, they do not treat patients directly. They are physicians who research the causes and nature of diseases.

The responsibilities of a pathologist include collecting samples, examining the slides, and making diagnoses. A pathologist examines tissue specimens and cell cultures under a microscope to search for abnormalities and to examine changes that occur after an injury or illness. The examiner may also use other laboratory testing procedures such as Immunohistochemistry, Polymerase chain reaction, or electron microscopy to identify disease.

We can therefore conclude that pathologists play an important role in diagnosing our conditions which facilitates the right treatment for the disease.

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