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What’s New in Healthcare?

What’s New in Healthcare?

Medical theories are undergoing a paradigm shift. There was a time when medication was prescribed for every ailment. It was believed that the medicine cured the ailment and the patient would get on with his life.

After years of research, there is a change in this belief among doctors worldwide. Today more and more doctors have reached the conclusion that modern medicine only cures the symptom and not the disease. The root cause of the symptom could be a deep-rooted health issue. And, when the medication is given according to the symptom, it merely suppresses the symptom without addressing the root cause. As a result, the disease makes its presence felt with some other symptoms during the course of time.

We have become a generation where pill-popping is common whenever experience pain in any part of the body. We believe that the pill is taking care of the problem. Little do we realize that the pill is merely curbing it.

Doctors are now realizing that it is not enough to treat the symptoms but it is necessary to find out the root cause and treat it.

This is where the concept of holistic healing comes in!

Medical theories now suggest that many illnesses are not due to issues in the physical condition but the emotional state and mental makeup have a lot to do with it. The immune system of an individual depends to a very large extent on his ability to cope with stress.

People who lead stressed lives have weak immunity and are vulnerable to different physical ailments. For instance, they are likely to experience aches and pains, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, etc. Besides stress, the general attitude of an individual towards life also makes a difference to his health and well-being. People who do not get enough exposure to sunlight, and fresh air, and do not exercise are also prone to physical ailments.

Research has proved that happy people are healthy people. But most people do not invest in happiness because they are busy chasing their goals.

Many doctors now believe that it is not just food and exercise but taking care of emotional well-being also impacts one’s health. The emotional health of an individual depends to a large extent on the quality of their relationships.

According to the theory now purported, maintaining a balance in life is a must to ensure physical and mental wellness. Balance is attained by taking care of the physical aspects of health such as the food consumed, exercise regimen, exposure to sunlight and fresh air, etc. Investing time in building meaningful relationships, regulating social media use, sleep, relaxation, mindful living, and taking care of one’s happiness go a long way in building a strong mind and body.

The concepts in the medical field are constantly changing with new theories about healthcare. We need to acknowledge the doctors who spend time and effort in research to recommend theories that enhance the quality of our lives.

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