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Who are Healthcare Providers?

Who are Healthcare Providers?

When we hear the phrase “healthcare provider” we generally associate it with physicians. However, healthcare providers are all those entities involved in taking care of your health and well-being.

Let us look at the different types of healthcare providers (who are not physicians) we interact with:

Physiotherapists: Physiotherapists provide us with physiotherapy services that help us recover from injuries and strained muscles, etc. Although physiotherapists are not physicians, they work closely with physicians and provide the treatment as recommended by the doctor.

Psychotherapist: A psychotherapist or psychologist provides counseling services to help patients cope with several mental health issues. A psychologist assesses the condition of patients and helps them manage various physical and mental conditions.

Pharmacist: A pharmacist provides the medication required to help patients recover. A pharmacist is a certified and licensed professional who is knowledgeable about medicines. He is also responsible for the storage and management of medicines.

Medical Equipment Company: A medical equipment company helps patients in their hour of need by providing essential equipment like wheelchairs, crutches, oxygen cylinders, etc.

Midwives: Midwives help pregnant women with delivery. The services of a midwife are usually sought in the absence of a gynecologist. Mid-wives are experienced in the delivery procedure and take care of their patients in emergency situations.

Home Healthcare Companies: These companies provide nurses or attendants on hire for patients suffering from chronic illness who require the services of these professionals.

Diagnostic Labs: They provide the service of drawing out blood or collecting other samples for the purpose of testing and analysis. The tests are prescribed by physicians and the lab professionals collect the samples accordingly. The diagnostic center prepares a report of the test results for ready reference by physicians. These reports help the physician determine the best course of treatment.

Imaging Technicians: Imaging technicians conduct X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and more. These technicians have the expertise in operating a specific type of equipment required for the procedure. They prepare the reports for the physicians.

Walk-in Clinics: In places like business centers or shopping malls, there are walk-in clinics where patients can step in for treatment when they face health issues. The medical professionals at these walk-in clinics provide first-aid and other treatments to patients.

Emergencies: Emergency departments in hospitals work 24/7 to provide emergency care to patients who might face conditions that require urgent care. Some examples of emergency issues are accident patients, heart attack/stroke patients, etc. The emergency department in hospitals has a physician who recommends and monitors the treatment provided to patients.

Medics: Medics are healthcare providers who visit the site where the injury has occurred to a patient and provide the treatment required to help the patient come out of danger.

Although not exhaustive, these are some of the healthcare providers who provide different types of services that help patients in their hour of need!

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