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Why Gynecologists are an Important Part of our Society?

Why Gynecologists are an Important Part of our Society?

The importance of doctors is very well-known by society. We rush to doctors at the most minute of health concerns and they help find a solution for us. More often though, unfortunately, we forget to respect them and be grateful for their hard work. Especially in such times, when the pandemic has hit the world so badly and doctors risk their lives every day to save others. For a certain field of doctors managing during the pandemic has been tougher than the rest such as obstetricians and gynecologists.

Obstetricians and gynecologists help with reproductive health issues as well as aid in the birthing process. They not only care for the child but also the mother during the pregnancy, birthing, and post-birth stages. They are specially trained to deal with issues relating to the menstrual cycle, breast or uterine and cervical diseases, infertility, hormonal imbalance, sexually transmitted diseases, and also help with family planning. This field requires physical pelvic examination, ultra-sonographies, and constant monitoring of their patients most of which had been affected by the pandemic. Gynecologists have had to take extra care of pregnant women during this pandemic so that they do not contract the coronavirus because there was no guarantee of how it would affect the mother or the child. It has been an arduous task for them to carry out sessions online but they have done so despite their discomfort.

In particular cases of Polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD), gynecologists monitor their patients on a regular basis because this condition could worsen if not kept under check. They support patients with PCOD by making them a schedule for medications, treatments, and the right kind of nutrients which will sustain the optimum hormonal balance for regular menstruation as well as weight management.

The life of the mother and the child lies in the expert hands of obstetricians and gynecologists. From the moment when the mother first conceives the child till the baby is delivered and the mother has recovered from the birthing process, the gynecologists remain by their side and monitor their health constantly. There are certain cases where due to underlying health conditions a person may not be able to conceive, the gynecologist tries their level best to resolve those issues or help the parents with the surrogacy or IVF procedures. These are all extremely strenuous and painful procedures, but with the help of a good gynecologist, everything can seem much easier and less enduring than it may actually look.

We should thank obstetricians and gynecologists for the immense amount of hard work they do to bring children safely into this world as well as help with our reproductive health. Show your support by buying t-shirts and merchandise made by Mend Threads to show solidarity with gynecologists and obstetricians!