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Why Nurses are Indispensable?

Nursing is one of the most benevolent professions. Nurses take care of patients ensuring their comfort and well-being. They monitor the vital parameters of the patients to ensure that they are safe and healthy. We can thank nurses across the globe with nursing shirts North Dakota by MEND Threads.

Why Must we Thank Nurses?

Nurses work hard to take care of patients’ health. Nursing is a field that requires both compassion and patience. Besides nurses need to be sharp and alert to observe the minutest anomaly in the condition of the patients.

They are responsible for:

  • Monitoring the vital parameters of patients.
  • Maintaining the record of patients’ history.
  • They administer medicines and injections to patients.
  • Nurses record details of the patient and provide them to doctors.
  • They assist doctors in various medical procedures.
  • Nurses take care of patients before and after various surgical and nonsurgical procedures.
  • Nurses do dressing of the wounds and cuts if required.
  • They collect blood samples, etc. of patients for analysis in the lab.
  • They provide emotional support to patients and their relatives.

Nurses perform these duties and more. They sometimes have to bear the wrath of patients who mistreat them. They also provide emotional support to patients in their care. 

Many a time, nurses prioritize their duty over their personal life. They have emerged as frontline warriors during the COVID 19 pandemic working relentlessly. It would not be out-of-place to say that nurses are indispensable and we cannot imagine healthcare without the efforts of nurses.

This is the reason that MEND Threads decided to acknowledge the efforts of nurses with nursing shirts North Dakota. Nursing shirts are shirts with graphic designs related to the nursing field. When you wear a nursing shirt you are expressing your gratitude to the nursing profession. This is a simple way to show that you care for nurses who work silently in the background offering physical and emotional support to patients.

In addition to nursing shirts, MEND Threads offers a wide variety of shirts and t-shirts like specialty shirts, doctor shirts, medical shirts, and more to acknowledge the efforts of healthcare professionals.

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