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Specialty Shirts Minnesota

The field of medicine and the ones who are a part of it, our doctors and other health professionals, have one of the most delicate and important responsibilities on their shoulders. And there are many different streams or specifications in the medical field. And Mend Threads aims to offer a token of appreciation to all of them through its specialty shirts in Minnesota. Let us look into the different specialties that we can cover.

Types of specialty shirts

The following are the different fields of medicine that we pay tribute to through our specialty shirts in Minnesota.

  • Surgery- consists of a distinctive sign that celebrates the work of the surgeons.
  • Psychiatry- to celebrate the work of the professionals who make us believe that the mind matters
  • Nursing- celebrates the eternal care and assistance that the nursing team offers to us.
  • Paramedics- to appreciate the work of offering us instant help whenever and wherever we need
  • Ophthalmology- to applaud the professionals who ensure that our vision towards the world remains joyful and healthy.
  • Oncology- to felicitate the work of the professions treating tumors.
  • GYN/OG- to celebrate the impeccable work of the experts who ensure that all the new lives enter this earth safely and healthily
  • Neurology- to felicitate the impeccable care taken of our nervous system
  • Cardiology- to convey our gratefulness to the ones helping our hearts beat ideally and effectively
  • Orthopedics- to celebrate the efforts of the doctors who ensure that our bones are strong and healthy

The other specialties that we cover to express a gift of gratitude are as follows.