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Who we are

MEND, or Medical Experts of Numerous Disciplines, was developed to celebrate healthcare providers and the excellence they provide every day. The concept for MEND started simply by wanting to recognize those in our society that care for others. In our current world where common ground can be difficult to find, MEND is about unity.

Healthcare experts speak a common language, share universal attributes, and dedicate their lives to helping people without a thought of race, color, religion, or sex. They experience the human race at its best and worst. Any day may bring laughter, tears, fear, pain, cures, frustration, hope, despair, anger, or joy. Yet the millions of people who are part of MEND adapt and carry on. They get up every day with the hope of helping the lives of the people they touch. Hence…the MEND shirts.

Mend Shirts

The MEND goal was to bring people together, regardless of our differences. A way to highlight the human spirit. The healthcare field is about caring, empathy, healing, and relationships. It was ultimately decided to represent these attributes with art showing the caring hands of our experts, showing how they touch lives.

Every MEND shirt has a “mended heart” on the front. The heart is to represent healing, being mended with a simple shoelace. The 2 basic MEND shirts include a uniform shirt and our version of the caduceus with the mended heart at the top of the staff. Over 20 specialty shirts exist with our “hand pics” representing our experts as we see them.

For instance, the ORTHO shirt shows the hands performing the Lachman’s test. The HOSPICE shirt shows a provider’s hands wrapped in the rosary. While each specialty picture in no way can fully encompass a provider’s entire role, we’ve tried to find a feature that highlights each specialty’s uniqueness.

MEND is in its infancy. Our goal is to continue to expand and recognize our medical experts in a variety of ways. We hope you enjoy our vision of the exceptionalism of the human spirit through the healing hands of our medical experts.

Celebrating Our Experts